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Need help finding the right Wedding DJ Disc Jockey in Corpus Christi?

Here is a short list of characteristics you should look for when you are looking for a DJ for your wedding



Great Personality










Let us give you some tips to help you find the right DJ for your event. Whether it's a wedding, family reunion, corporate event or a backyard party, it's nice to know you can find the right DJ in Corpus Christi. There is a DJ for everyone: Old DJ's, young DJ's, expensive DJ's, less expensive DJ's, quiet DJ's, shy DJ's, confident DJ's, over confident DJ's, DJ's who know when to play the right music, DJ's who know when to switch music, DJ's who know when to stop talking too much on the mic and many other antics. Believe me. There is a DJ for you out there in Corpus Christi.

Many people have made this mistake for their eventLast minute parties can make hiring good vendors unbearable. Avoid hiring vendors in the last minute. Doing things last minute may yield unfavorable results if you don't have the right team in place. It's important to speak with vendors about the details of your event. Do your due diligence to interview and ask as many questions about concerns you may have especially when you are hiring a DJ.


Some people don't consider the DJ until the end and this is typically when you have very little money left in your budget. Why is this bad?

Here's a scenario: How many parties have you attended where the chairs, tables and centerpieces are so beautiful? Do you remember the views of the hall? The walls? The main course? Was the desert good? Were the flowers fresh? Did all the colors match? Was the cake as you expected it to look and taste? All of the above could be almost perfect to you but do you know what brings it all together when THE PARTY REALLY STARTED? The DJ.

Think of yourself as an employer looking for a new employee for your business. What kind of employee do you want that will make your team of other employees a whole? I highly recommend setting up an interview with several DJ's to get to know the right one for you. (You will see me say this several times)

Now that I have added more confusion to your problem, ask yourself these series of questions when you're looking for YOUR DJ:

Do I know someone who knows a good entertainer? Ask around if you are not sure. Ask friends, neighbors, families if they can recommend an entertainer for your party. I would start by asking the place where you are having your special event. Most of the time they will be able to let you know of a good DJ who has played at 'their' place. Catering Managers/Coordinators have seen DJ's perform time and time again and they can better guide you to a decent DJ.

How much money do I want to spend on my DJ/Entertainer? You can spend very little or you can spend a lot on a DJ. There are many DJ's out there who will charge dirt cheap and there are DJ's who charge as much as what it cost you for half of your entire budget.

Here is the scoop about many of the new up and coming DJ's: "Digital Technology." In the past ten years or so, the internet has allowed people such as friends, families, coworkers and the people down the street to download music from filesharing servers. A handful of them have gone even further to purchase expensive sound and lighting equipment and are now referring to themselves as DJ's. This is true to DJ's who are willing to perform for you. I highly recommend setting up an appointment with several DJ's to get to know the right one for you.

You might find that the DJ charging only $100 is better than the more expensive DJDo I want to bring in a DJ from out of town? This is a matter of preference for you. Keep in mind you may have to pay for travel and lodging fees if you bring in your DJ from out of town. Why not find a DJ here in Corpus Christi?

Do I want to try out the least expensive DJ? Some DJ's do not charge a lot. Why you ask? Some of them are just getting started and MAY not have a lot of music or equipment to play for your event. Some of them are trying to get established so they are trying to get as many parties they can do to earn your trust. Some of them have just moved into town but have been DJ-ing for years and would like get established here in our beautiful Sparkling City By The Sea. Should you call them? YES! Do your comparisons. Shop around. Ask how long they have been entertaining. Ask for references. You might find that a $100 DJ is better for your budget than a $800 DJ.

Should I hire the most expensive DJ? Spending your hard earned money on the most expensive DJ is totally up to your budget and should depend on the experience of the entertainer. Some people believe they have to spend thousands to get a good DJ. BE WARNED. There are DJ's who just started their DJ business in the last couple of years and are charging the same or close to what other more experienced DJ's are charging. Some new DJ's will quote high because they think higher prices will make them look like a professional. As I have mentioned, set up a time to interview with the DJ to see if they have enough experience to handle your crowd. How many years have they been in the entertainment business?

Does my DJ provide special effect lighting? Most DJ's will throw in the special effects lighting to be included in their pricing. Lighting has become so inexpensive that you can get them from AnyMart during Halloween. Make sure your DJ uses professional equipment that will last the whole night of your party.

Disc jockey or a band?

Disc jockeys have been around playing for weddings for many years. Many people have asked themselves do I get a dj or a band? It all comes down to your budget and what you want from your entertainer. Choosing whether you want a disc jockey or a band doesn't mean the quality of entertainment has to suffer. Professional disc jockeys will be able to play most of the songs that you ask from them. If they do not have a song you want, the dj can recommend an alternative song.There are also many bands who can play a wide variety of genres: www.corpusmusic.com.

Don't know what questions to ask your dj? Here are some guidelines and tips to ask before you book your entertainer for your event. Hopefully this will help you find the right dj for you.

Always have an entertainment contract signed on time - A contract agreement with your entertainer is highly recommended. Contracts are a way to protect both the entertainer and you. A contract should have the basic information about the event and the dj. Some information that a contract must have are: DJ's person's name, address, date of event, location of event, deposit information. Without a contract, your entertainer might not remember to do something you ask them to do or worst of all, might not show up at all.

Why do I need a deposit? Deposits are usually used to secure the date of your event and the exact dj you are requesting. In addition to the contract, deposits add an extra sense of security for the entertainer and the client. At times the deposit can be used as partial payment for the contract. Some entertainers do not honor refunds if you cancel. Ask your entertainer if the deposit is refundable or not.

Am I getting the entertainer/dj I am paying for? Why should you meet YOUR DJ in person? There are many kinds of DJ's: There are quiet dj's, shy dj's, nervous dj's, talk-a-lot dj's, obnoxious dj's, over-confident dj's, new dj's, Spanish-speaking only dj's, late dj's, no-show dj's and many others. If you have requested a specific dj/entertainer from an entertainment (broker/middleman) company and the dj you want is available for your event, make sure that the dj's name is on the contract. It is also a good idea to have the dj present when you are going over the contract. Having that name on the contract ensures you that you are getting the person you want.

Does your DJ Double Book events? I've met several clients who contracted a specific dj and the dj ended up sending someone else to the event. Some DJ's will double book because another client has agreed to pay them higher to play somewhere else on the day of your event often sending an alternate entertainer to your party. and on a contract should not be trusted because they are sending a new dj to yor party who was hired in the last minute. Do you know a good lawyer?

What if the dj you want is not available? Request for the next available dj. It is a good idea to meet with your dj in person when signing the contract. This will allow you to ask the questions you have and it also lets the dj know what to expect.

Is there an emcee? Some entertainment companies charge extra for emcee services and some provide it for no extra charge. If your event requires some form of announcement make sure you let your dj know before you sign the contract. A dj who is also the emcee your event most often will interact with your guests.

Equipment set up and breakdown time - Some reception halls are lenient and may charge you extra if your dj shows up too early to set up the music equipment. Ask your dj how much time, and most importantly, what time will the set up start? You may not want your dj to be setting up in front of your guests.

Do you want a light show? Most dj's have basic light shows. There are others who offer high-tech intelligent lighting equipment. available? See our Lighting Effects

Attire for your entertainer Do you want your entertainer to wear a tuxedo or a coat and tie? There may be an extra charge for your entertainer to wear a tuxedo.

Always ask your DJ for references

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