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BOSE L1 Systems Traditional Bass Cabinets
Custom Name Design Elegant Uplighting Chauvet Intimidator™ Spot LED 350 Chauvet Q-Spot™ 560-LED Chauvet Intimidator™ Spot 250 REVO1OO 100 Watt Moving Heads American DJ Galaxian 3D Elation Water Fall 250 Pro

Special Lighting Effects, Lasers, Spotlights and Atmospheric Fog

All lighting effects and sound packages are customized for each wedding and event specifications. Whether you are having a small event for 100 guests indoors or a large outdoor event for 1000 or more, we have a sound and lighting solution that will surely fit your needs.

Our light show is extravagant and beautiful. The special effect lighting helps set the mood in any situation. Whether it's slow dancing music, disco, retro 80's, country/western or an all out club motif, Dance 'Til Dawn has right mix of lighting.

All of our special effect lights are built specifically for mobile disc jockey use. The lighting effects are often constantly moving, shifting and flashing with the beat of music or they can be preprogrammed to perform certain tasks such as highlight a certain part of the dancefloor, stage or wall.

Dance 'Til Dawn utilizes commercial fog generator/haze machine made by High-End Systems. Our fogger comes optional with all music and lighting packages and is essential in the performance of our light show.

Dance 'Til Dawn Lighting Systems and Special Effects
Chauvet Q-Spot 560 LED Moving Heads

Chauvet Q-Spot 560-LED Moving Heads

Chauvet Q-Spot™ 560-LED is the perfect choice wherever punchy, razor-sharp projections are needed in concerts, retail, club or hospitality environments.

Chauvet Intimidator™ Spot 350 LED

Chauvet Intimidator™ Spot LED 350

Intimidator™ Spot 350 is the most powerful LED spot in the Intimidator™ line. A three-facet rotating prism splits the beam for great effects and to cover a larger area while interchangeable gobos allow for custom looks.

Chauvet Intimidator™ Spot 250

Chauvet Intimidator™ Spot 250

High-Powered Gas Discharge moving head lamp with a very large image projection, sharp colors, brightness with a "punch" and very long throw.

Gobo with your own custom designed name or logo

Custom Name Design

See your name or logo shinging on the floor, ceiling and/or all! Have us custom design your name and show it using one of our vivid commercial spotlights for your corporate event, charity, formals or wedding reception. Comes with standard metal gobo.

Pick your own color

Elegant Uplighting

Uplighting is great for filling walls in rooms, stages and dancefloors with beautiful colorful lights to give your room a different atmosphere or just to create a mood for your guests. The uplights fill entire dancefloor, walls or ceilings with colorful, vivid and highly saturated colors from high-powered LED lights.

REVO1OO - The world’s first high power LED based full featured moving head intelligent lighting fixture.

REVO1OO 100 Watt Moving Heads

The world’s first high power 100 Watt white LED based full featured moving head intelligent lighting fixture. Never gets hot like traditional moving heads.

American DJ Galaxian 3D Laser Effect light

American DJ Galaxian 3D

Red and green lasers create 3-Dimensional planes that simulation the movemnt of the ground. Also creates starburt patterns. Best for wall, floor and ceiling effect coverage.

American DJ H2O LED

The Water Effect

Water Effect projects liquid effects on walls and/or floors that simulates flowing water. Crank it up to "a raging river flow" with this “liquid aqua” effect. Cool waves will wash through your crowd, walls or ceiling. Multicolors and moves all over the room.

ETC Ellipsoidal HID Jr. Spots

Spot Lighting

(2) modeling spot light. Used for lighting stationary guest speakers on a podium on stage. walking or speaking on a stage. May also be used for models on runways.

High Definition Videos and Slideshows

Videos, Slideshows & Screens

Do you have a photo slideshow or video you want to show at your event? We have a few options for you to choose.

We can provide a Digital Video Projector and an extra laptop to play your dvd's, presentation, multimedia videos and slideshows from computers.

We also have Digital Video Cameras used for projecting live feeds of people on the dancefloor and people around the venue.

We use 2 Sony High Definition 1080p camcorders, up to 4 32" High Definition LCD screens and Polaroid digital projectors. Video footage may be purchased for additional cost.


Other Effects/Enhancers

Fog machine

High-End Systems F100 Fog Generator/Haze Machine

F100 Fog Generator allows you to see the light beams of special effect lights and lasers similar to what can be seen in clubs, concert tours and Hollywood special effects.

Light beams can be seen with a water-based Fog or Haze System.

Please check with your venue or call us regarding the use of hazers, fog machines and "Light Enhancers." Use of certain products may set off fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

UV Wash - Black light effect

Black Lighting

UV Washes or "Black Lighting" is used for enhancing or making bright colors in a dark room glow. This is a great effect for kids parties and quinces.

American DJ  Mega Strobe

Mega Strobe

Strobe lights are stationary light fixtures that have high-powered bright white lamps/LED's. Their flash rate and intensity are controlled by a DMX light controller called a DMX Operator. We use 2 types of strobe lights: 750Watt Mega Strobes and high-intensity LED.

"Super Bright" Strobe light is ideal for use in a large venue and is a great effect for kids parties and quinces.